Hulk Hogan And Family  

Hulk Hogan, born on August 11, 1959, married Linda Coleridge on December 18, 1983. He was 25 years old when he got married to Linda. They have two children Nick and Brooke.

Although Hulk Hogan was a popular figure in professional wrestling, he is today known for the television series entitled Hogan Knows Best. He made his own life as the centerpiece for the show. The show also includes his wife and two children.In the year 2007, Hogan’s son Nick was charged with reckless driving and is facing criminal charges because his friend who was traveling with him in car sustained severe brain damage as a result of the accident. Ever since the incident, the family has had tough times, and it has been going through a lot of stress. Nick was also sentenced to eight months jail for it as he pleaded no contest.

Hogan has been in controversies on and off. Christiane Plante revealed that she had a brief affair with Hogan in the year 2007. Plante was working with Brooke Hogan actually on her album, and is Brooke's close friend. As a result his wife filed for divorce in November of 2007. Hulk, however, told that he was unaware of the divorce and commented that it is sad how a tragedy can bring down and separate a family. Hulk's 24 year long marriage came to an end. He is currently living with his daughter Brooke. However, Linda made a public statement that she ended the marriage as a result of the affair. The family is still dealing with Nick’s accident.

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Hulk Hogan And Family





Hulk-Hogan-And-Fan-Club      Hulk Hogan had a huge fan club amongst other things. He was very popular during 1980 to 1990. He was a working class hero for several people and had a mass appeal. He was a popular television personality because he first featured in Rocky III, and then another show called Hogan Knows Best popularized him to a large extent. More..




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