What Is John Cena Real Name ?  

John Cena is the ring name for the popular American wrestler. His real name is Jonathan Felix Anthony Cena. He was born on 23 April 1977 in West Newbury, Massachusetts.

John Cena was popularly known as the Prototype before he started wrestling with the WWE.When he was training at the Ohio Valley Wrestling, he was the champion and also called the Marky Mark of Wrestling. His debut match was against Kurt Angle in WWE, and he had lost at that time in SmackDown. However, he was coined as the Rookie of the Year and the third runner up. John Cena’s other professions include hip hop music and acting. His song You Can’t See Me entered the US billboard charts at number 15. Other popular song is If You Want Some, Come and Get Some. Other than wrestling, music is his second big career. He built a reputation for his firebrand style of rap. Most of Cena’s music career is oriented to glorifying his image in wrestling and also the songs carry over the wrestling experiences.

Coming to wrestling championships, Cena seized the World Championship in Wrestle Mania at the age of 21 when he beat JBL. This particular SmackDown was more popular and also the most watched series of the year. One particular song that topped the bill boards and also featured in Bumpy Knuckles and Esoteric.

In July 2009, John Cena married his childhood sweetheart Liz. They live together in California and have announced to the world that they are looking forward to starting a family together.

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What Is John Cena Real Name





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