How Dwayne Johnson Workout ?  

Dwayne Johnson is popularly known as The Rock in the professional wrestling circle. He is also known as The Rock in Hollywood. Johnson has multiple careers like social worker, wrestling in WWE and WWF and acting in movies.

However, he later resigned from wrestling championships and now has settled for movies as his main career.Dwayne Johnson has a very specific workout schedule which he follows for maintaining his physique. He is one of the pro wrestlers who is known to be very strict with his diet and exercise programs.

He works out everyday. When asked about his workout regimen, he gave the following details to one of the magazines.

He has one specific type of training for everyday in the week. He prefers to work one or two muscle groups in one day. For example in Mondays he would do resistance training like chest, back, biceps and calves. He could do 5 sets each, and about 15 to 20 reps of each exercise. He also takes 30 second rest periods between exercises. He does a 12 minute high intensity work out and towards the end allows a 5-minute cool down period.

His other exercises include quads, hamstrings, shoulders, and triceps. Under cardio, he does a five-minute warm up and then high intensity workout for 12 minutes followed by a 5-minute cooling down period.  

One day in a week he does not exercise, and that is the day he calls the cheat day. He has favorite food or drink and also makes sure he rests a lot.

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How Dwayne Johnson Workout





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How Dwayne Johnson Workout ? )
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