What Nationality Is The Rock ?  

The birth name of Dwayne Johnson is Dwayne Douglas Johnson. He was born in Hayward, California and also lives there even now. He is of the Samoan and African Canadian origin.

Dwayne’s father and maternal grandfather were both wrestlers. His maternal grandfather was a Samoan Pro Wrestler. The king of Samoa bestowed Dwayne with the title Seiuli Dwayne Johnson because his mother is from the royal family of Samoa.Also, Dwayne Johnson is a very strong promoter of Samoan football. His maternal grandfather Peter Maivia is a known wrestler. Sometimes even Dwayne Johnson is referred to as Rocky Maivia in the ring.

Dwayne grew up in New Zealand as well as Canada. He also runs a Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation which works for terminally ill children. He participated in the 2000 Republic and Democrats Foundation. He works for voting among younger people without working for any party.

Other than a political, social and wrestling career, he also acts in movies. His movie Race to the Witch Mountain with Disney is scheduled to release in 2010. He has featured in action and light hearted comedy movies. He gave up his wrestling career in 2004, and is completely into movies now. Dwayne Johnson is very good friend with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

His father was known as Soulman Rocky Johnson, and he is the first African American to become a pro wrestling champion. Dwayne spent some time in New Zealand, and was able to learn about his Pacific Islander heritage and culture.

As he was born in the US, it is most likely that The Rock holds an American passport and therefore, is an American national.

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What Nationality Is The Rock





Dwayne-Johnson-Biography      Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as The Rock, is an American wrestler. He was born on May 2, 1972. He is also an actor, and now he is a retired professional wrestler. Johnson played college football and he was a part of the Miami National Championship Team. He always wanted to become a professional wrestler like his grandfather, Peter Maivia, and father, Rocky Johnson. More..




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