Are Kane And Undertaker Really Brothers ?  

Kane and the Undertaker were popularly known as the Brothers of Destruction in professional wrestling matches. The Brothers of Destruction is actually a professional wrestling tag team, which consists of the Undertaker and Kane.

They both would wrestle in the ring as brothers in the World Wrestling Entertainment, in its SmackDown roster.This team was intentionally made to create a character and storyline for the wrestling entertainment. The character of the Undertaker in the storyline was given to Mark William Calloway and the character of Kane was given to Glen Jacobs. Glen Jacobs was the former Dr. Isaac Yankem.

In the storyline Kane and the Undertaker are half brothers. Kane’s father is Paul Beare, an apprentice to the Undertaker’s father. They are related by their mother’s marriage, and that is why they are half brothers. So, Kane and Undertaker are not real brothers in real life, and it was created only for the storyline. The storylines created for WWE are enacted by the wrestlers and they are meant to be that way. There were several relationships established for the ring and many fans of wrestling get confused thinking that these storyline are actually real and denote the real lives of wrestlers. For example, the affair between Jeff Hardy and Trish Stratus was just created for the ring. Sometimes even fans do not know how to draw the line between fiction and reality.

Kane and the Undertaker are, however, good friends outside the ring and a part of the WWE. Their characters were created by the CEO, Vince McMahon Sr. for the WWE show.

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Are Kane And Undertaker Really Brothers





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