Facts About Undertaker  

The real name of Undertaker is Mark Calloway. Although, he is six feet eight inches tall, the WWE portrays him as being 6 feet 10.5 inches tall.

He is billed at 328 pounds. His finishing moves are the choke slam, the Tombstone and Last Ride. However, due to continuous wrestling, the Undertaker suffers from hip and back pain. He also has undergone hip surgery.He has won the WWE championship 4 times. The first time he won the Survivor Series, he beat Hulk Hogan; the second time was with Sycho Sid; the third time with Stone Cold Steve Austin; and the fourth time with Hulk Hogan and Dave Batista.

He won the World Tag Team Championship six times. First time he beat Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kane and Mankind. In the Summer Slam, he beat Kane and X-Pac. In Smack Down, he beat The Rock and Mankind. He also beat Kanyon and Diamond Dallas Page in a steel cage match. He won the Hardcore Championship once, and beat Rob Van Dam.

The Undertaker has several more credits to his name in the wrestling arena. He is the only wrestler who was not defeated for more than two years in the WWE championships. He kept winning continuously in several matches through the two years time period. He was the number one performer and wrestler, and participated in almost all the Buried Alive matches.

He made his debut through the Survivor Series in which he beat Hulk Hogan. Also, in the Wrestlemania he is an undefeated wrestler. Even today, he features in RAW and SmackDown matches with the WWE.

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Facts About Undertaker





Is-The-Undertaker-Married      Mark William Calloway was born on March 24, 1962 and is an American professional wrestler. He is more popularly known as the Undertaker. He is currently on the SmackDown roster with the World Wrestling Entertainment and is wrestling under the world heavyweight champion brand. More..




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