Critical Review George Orwell  

Eric Arthur Blair, popularly known by his pen name as “George Orwell”, was a famous English author and one of the best chroniclers of the English literature in the 20th century.

An accomplished writer in various genres including journalism, fiction, memoir, essays and polemics, he was noted for his clarity in language that he used in pen down.

Orwell was particular about clear, simple and honest language as against vague and ambiguous words, which could be manipulative to the reader. His work also brought in popular phrases being used in various contexts even today. Orwell was not too much in favor of using figures of speech like metaphors and similes, and insisted on making his works crisp, brief and to the point. He advocated the use of short sentences instead of long complicated ones and extensively used active voice instead of the passive voice. He also insisted on using simple words used in daily language rather than jargon, foreign language words or scientific words.

Some of his popular work include “Down and Out in Paris and London” published in 1933, “Burmese Days” in 1934, “A Clergyman's Daughter” in 1935 and “Keep the Aspidistra Flying” in 1936. His other popular satire “Animal Farm”, released in 1945, is believed to deal with Russian communist revolution but this is highly debated. However, Animal Farm remains one of the most popular books in Britain till today.

In 1949, his other renowned work “Nineteen Eighty-Four” discussed the risks of political totalitarianism in the future. This book had such a deep impact among the readers that some of the phrases used in this book have become a part our daily language today.

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Critical Review George Orwell




George-Orwell-Timeline      Eric Arthur Blair, popular known by his pen name George Orwell was educated at Eton in England. Following this, he shifted to Burma and served the Indian Imperial Police for a period of five years. He is very popular for his novels, “Animal Farm” and “Nineteen Eighty-Four”. More..




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