How To Do Alignment On 95 Toyota Celica ?   

          Alignment of a 95 Toyota Celica can be conveniently done in 7 easy steps provided you have the proper gadgets and tools.

Step 1: The wheels and tires should be checked for wear and proper tire inflation pressure. Apart from that, the front wheel suspensions, front wheel bearings and steering linkages should be checked for any sort of looseness. Standard bounce test is used to determine the working condition of front absorbers.

Step 2: The vehicle height should be adjusted as per the standard height value so as to inspect the wheel alignment. The standard alignment value for unloaded vehicles on the front side is 58.5mm while on the rear end the value is 61.0mm.

Step 3: Wheel alignment equipment should be installed. This equipment includes wheel spreader, brake pedal depressor, steering wheel holder and portable alignment tester. While the wheel spreader ensures a proper holding of the front wheel, the brake pedal depressor holds the foot brake securely. Steering wheel holder is required for adjusting and centering the steering wheel. Portable alignment tester indicates any tire scuffing.

Step 4: Chamber and caster should be correctly adjusted so as to get specified steering axis inclination. This adjustment is done by adjusting the front and/or rear adjusting cams.

Step 5: The steering wheel angles should be checked and adjusted by removing the caps of the knuckle stopper bolts. The angle should match with the standard value and the wheel should not touch the body or brake flexible hose when the steering wheel is completely turned. The steering wheel is adjusted using the knuckle stopper bolts.

Step 6: The toe-in should be inspected and adjusted as per specifications. This could be done by loosening the clamps and blots and then adjusting by turning the left and right tie rod tubes to an equal extent.

Step 7: The side slip of the vehicle should be inspected and adjusted. The standard side slip should be equal to or less than 3.0mm/m (0.118 in./3.3ft)

    If you follow the above mentioned steps, it should not be too difficult to do the alignment on you 95 Toyota Celica.

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How To Do Alignment On 95 Toyota Celica ?




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