Pregnancy Nutrition Diet Info

       The practice of providing a healthy and nutritious diet for mothers is extremely important during pregnancy and after child birth. While a healthy diet provides essential nutrients and minerals to the developing baby inside the womb during pregnancy, nutritious diet is essential for producing sufficient quantity of milk in case of lactating women. However, diet has a minimal influence over the quality and composition of the breast milk.

         With the objective of taking healthy diet, most women tend to overfeed during pregnancy and lactation resulting in excess body weight. Mothers should remember that diet is dependant on what one eats rather than how much one eats. The diet could include anything starting from fresh green vegetables, broccoli, spinach, fruits, meat, egg, fish, milk, cheese, bread, wheat, rice, cereals, chocolates, ice-creams and yogurt. However, one should be moderate while feeding on fast foods like pizzas, burgers and fizzy drinks. Taste of breast milk is dependant on the foods taken by the mother. This aids in development of taste buds in babies.

         Most babies are sensitive to certain kinds of foods. Some of the symptoms of food sensitivity include inconsolable fussiness, wheezing, coughing, rashes and stools with mucous. Mothers should eliminate such types of foods from their diet.

        Mothers tend to increase weight after giving birth to a child. It is very important to lose weight as excess weight can lead to other problems. However, lactating mothers should lose weight gradually through moderate exercising, occasional dieting and drinking loads of water. Research has shown that mothers breastfeeding more frequently tend to lose weight faster than women with moderate or lower breastfeeding frequency.


Pregnancy Nutrition Diet Info





Nutrition :

• Calcium
• Folic Acid
• Iron




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