Foods Rich In Calcium  

Calcium is an essential element that our body requires for the proper functioning of the skeletal system. Hence the uptake of food that is rich in calcium is very important for the proper maintenance of bones and the teeth to perform its function effectively. If sufficient amount of calcium is not taken in the diet, then the individual may undergo various bone related problem like osteoporosis. Those children who do not take adequate amount of calcium are prone for poor bone mass resulting in the risk of bone fracture.

There is a growing need for the knowledge of food that is rich in calcium so that the children can be motivated to take such foods to avoid the bone related complication. The amount of calcium is high in certain foods, especially in dairy products like milk, bread, cheese, juice, yogurt, milk shakes, eggnog, etc. The recommended uptake of dairy products for the children is three servings per day whereas for adults it is four servings.

The Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences has recommended that on the daily basis, the kids of 1-3 years old must take 500mg of calcium, whereas those who are in the age group of 4 to 8 years and 9 to 18 years must consume 800mg and 1300 mg respectively. Another way to calculate the requirement of calcium is based on the percent Daily Value (% DV) and one must be careful to look into the labels while choosing the edibles to have high %DV.

It is also essential to understand that there are non- dairy products like salmon, tofu, rhubarb, sardines, spinach, turnip, okra, beans, peas, sesame, almonds etc are rich in calcium that can be given to children, who suffer from lactose intolerance. This kind of calcium-rich food is considered as good alternative even for kids who do not like to consume milk.

Now, with the development of knowledge and technology, there are many food products available in the market are fortified with good amount of calcium. The additional supplementation of calcium in the breakfast cereal, like wholegrain total, total raisin bran, total honey clusters, etc supplies the calcium need for the day.

Some of the calcium fortified products include orange juice, soy milk, instant oatmeal, bread, drink mixes, etc. These commercially available products are good source of calcium and a boon to the society to enrich the diet with sufficient amount of calcium.

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How Much Calcium Chloride Do I Need For Pregnancy ?      During pregnancy, the baby inside the womb of a mother is totally dependent on the mother for all kind of nutrients for their growth. The baby requires a maximum amount of calcium for its normal growth and also for the formation of the skeletal system from the mother. So there arises an essential need for the pregnant women to take an ample amount of calcium both for the sake of the child and the mother. More..




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