How Much Calcium Chloride Do I Need For Pregnancy ?  

During pregnancy, the baby inside the womb of a mother is totally dependent on the mother for all kind of nutrients for their growth. The baby requires a maximum amount of calcium for its normal growth and also for the formation of the skeletal system from the mother. So there arises an essential need for the pregnant women to take an ample amount of calcium both for the sake of the child and the mother.

It is recommended that the pregnant woman must take around 1200 mg of calcium per day which is three times more compared with that of non pregnant woman. It is also suggested that the amount of calcium uptake must be further increased by 250 to 300 mg per day during the last trimester.

The pregnant women are usually suggested to take calcium rich foods in their diet especially the dairy products, to meet out the essential requirements. When the dairy products could not be taken, the pregnant women are supplemented with calcium dosages. Though there are not many studies with the usage of the calcium chloride, the FDA has recommended the usage of calcium chloride to the women who fall under the pregnancy category C.

As there is no proper research is carried out on the benefits and the side effects of the calcium chloride experimentally, the calcium chloride is given only occasionally to meet out the demands. The experiments have to be carried out to analyze for the adverse effects and also to determine the concentration of the calcium chloride needed to be administered to the pregnant women. The research also has to done to know whether the calcium chloride is excreted into the mother’s milk.

The baby inside the womb tends to accumulate an enormous amount of calcium inside of it during third trimester. This accumulation of the calcium is mainly used by the fetus for the skeletal growth. So the mother is often supplemented with exogenous supply of calcium. After the birth of the baby, the milk from the mother contains a sufficient amount of calcium needed for the baby and also considered to be a good source of calcium.

Calcium chloride can be given as ten percent injectable solution, which usually contains 27mg of calcium. However, it is advisable to take the calcium chloride orally, as it is more effective. Calcium chloride is quite stable over a range of temperature and is often stored at 59 degrees Fahrenheit to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

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How Much Calcium Do I Need A Day ?      If you are wondering how much calcium do you need a day, you will be surprised to learn that there are several factors that affect the amount of calcium a person should consume. Besides age, other factors include gender, the medications and supplements the person is taking and the mineral density of the bone. Usually, the recommended intake of calcium is from 1,000 mg to 1,500 mg. However, it varies for children, teenagers, pregnant women and nursing women. More..




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