Single Parenting And Children Behaviour  

       When it comes to single parenting, many parents face problems with their children’s behavior. Most single parents are constantly stressed out trying to work and fulfill the needs of their children. The single parent might even react to the smallest mistake without even realizing it.

       However, what single parents have to realize that single parenting is difficult but it has its own rewards. When it comes to children’s behavior, single parents have to first know what is normal behavior and what is bad behavior. What may be considered normal behavior in one part of the world, may be considered bad behavior in another part of the world.

       If a behavior is disruptive, it is considered bad behavior. Many children, whose parents have undergone a divorce recently show disruptive behavior. Single parenting in these circumstances can be difficult as children think that the divorce was because of them. Or they might think that one parent did not want them, so they gave them away to the other parent. As a single parent, it is your duty to inform children regularly that the divorce was not their fault. This message has to be reinforced many times before a child can understand. Do not get angry with your child too often.

        A good idea to tackle children’s behavioral problem is to introduce reward method. If your child are good and repeat the same behavior, you can reward them for good behavior. However, you can ignore bad behavior. This way, children will learn to differentiate between good and bad behavior. In the long term it has been seen that ignoring bad behavior is the best way to stop it. Some children resort to bad behavior to seek your attention. They do not care that the attention is positive or negative as long as they get it.

      Single parenting is difficult but you can overcome problems of children’s behavior by being there for them and also asking for help from your family and friends. You have to make time to spend with your children. This is the time for you to have fun and unwind. You can go for a movie, or visit a park or mall. You can make single parenting more fun for your children and yourself.


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Single Parenting And Children Behaviour




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