Parenting Advice And Guides By Age:


 Baby Sleeping Habit

Newborn ( 0 - 1.5 Year Old) :


Newborn Nutrition Guidelines


      There are no doubts that the best source of newborn nutrition is breast milk. Breast milk has all the nutrients for your baby, and it boosts baby’s immune system. Fortified infant formula is second best, but it is good enough. From birth to 4-6 months old, milk or fortified infant formula is enough for your baby, there are no need to supplement the baby with water or juice. Newborn baby generally wants to eat every two to six hours. Although newborn baby may be hungry often, it is important to remember that not all cries are hunger cries. Do not feed your baby every hour. You should set some limits on feeding schedules. More...

- Understanding Baby Sleeping Habit To Help Them Sleep
- Facts on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
- Preparing Baby Formula – Is It Okay To Use Warm Tap Water For Infant Formula

Newborn Nutrition Guidelines



Toddler ( 1.5 - 2 Year Old) :

When Should A Toddler Give Up A Pacifier ?


      Most babies and toddler feel comfortable when they suck on their thumb, a pacifier, or other objects. It is a natural behavior for young toddler. Your child should be about four to six weeks old before using a pacifier, especially if you are breastfeeding your child. So you can breastfeed effectively. More...

- Cleaning Your Baby

When Should A Toddler Give Up A Pacifier



Pre-school ( 2 - 4 Year Old) :

Bed Wetting Home Remedies


      Bed wetting is an embarrassing and uncomfortable experience for children. Although most kids will outgrow bed wetting in due time, you can help them ease this embarrassing and uncomfortable experience. Follow these tips to train your children.

Train Bladder Muscles: If your children’s bladder muscles are strong, it can help them holding off urination through the night. Bladder muscles are like other muscles. More...

- Child Development At 2/3 Years Of Age
- Parenting Tips For Lying

Bed Wetting Home Remedies


School Age ( 4 - 12 Year Old) :

How To Defend Against Bullies At School


       The statistics show that approximately ten percent of children at school are the victims of a bully. What do you do when your children are bullied at school? Some parents tell their child to ignore the bullies, stand up for yourself, or deflect bullies with humor. Unfortunately, those actions will only provoke and encourage bullies. More...

- Parenting Tips For Short Tempered Children
- Parenting Advice For Grounding Kids

<How To Defend Against Bullies At School  



Adolescence( 13 Year Old And Older) :

Parenting Advice On Teen Drinking


      Every year thousand of teens die from alcohol poisoning and drunk driving. Alcohol abuse is not only adult problem. Sadly, the statistics show that young adults between the ages of twelve and twenty also face alcohol problems, even though they are still underage. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism, average American boys and girls start drinking for the first time at the age of thirteen and fifteen years. More...

- Parenting Advice On Drugs
- Drug Addiction And Child Development

Parenting Advice On Teen drinking


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