Relative And Child Adoptions  

        America has many birth parents who allow their parents, grandparents or other blood relatives to adopt their child. If you want to know more about relatives and child adoptions, keep reading the information below.

         You have the option of placing your child with a family member to help care for the child. This does not necessarily require you to go through a legal process and you do not have to involve an adoption agency or the state. However, if you want to permanently place your child with a relative and want them to legally adopt the child, you will have to go through legal adoption process involving an adoption attorney or an adoption agency.

         Please bear in mind that this type of adoption is permanent and it will end your rights even if you are the birth mother or birth father of the child.

         In the US, each state interprets the meaning of relative differently. Depending on which state you live in, the relative can be related to you through blood or marriage. Preference for adoption by relatives is usually given to the grandparents first, followed by aunts, uncles, adult siblings and cousins. The main criterion for this sort of adoption is that the relative has to fit and willing to ensure that the child is safe in his or her custody and the relative will be able to provide the needs of the child. There are many states in the US that require the relative who is adopting to undergo a criminal background check.

          In nearly 23 states in the US, when a parent places the child for adoption with a relative, the laws do not require a pre-placement assessment or home study unless ordered by the court. Many states require the child to have stayed with the relative for a specific period of time or the child should have some sort of relationship with the relative.


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Relative And Child Adoptions




What Are The 5 Steps To Adopt A Child ?

What Are The 5 Steps To Adopt A Child

      Adoption is a major decision that will affect the entire family. If you are interested in adopting a child, it is best to sit down with your family and talk it over. After all you will be adding a new member to your family and you want to know what you and your family can offer that member. Think about all the support available to you, and that can include relatives, friends, and neighbors.More...




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