Russian Orphanages And Neglect Babies  

        Russian orphanages are full of abandoned children and this number is growing steady. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, children are the major suffers as they come from poor and jobless families. Nearly 90 percent of children in Russian orphanages are not true orphans. They have a living parent who is too poor to take care of them or provide for them.

       The Ministry of Health in Russia is charged with the care of infants abandoned during birth and the Ministry looks after them until they reach the age of 4. There are some 252 baby homes where these infants stay. After spending their first 4 years at baby homes, these children are then distributed to institutions that are under the control of the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. The children are classified as either having no disabilities or with disabilities. Those with no disabilities or those who can be educated are sent either to regular Russian public schools or they receive education inside the institution.

         In Russian orphanages, the most neglected babies are those born with physical or mental disabilities. Many parents in Russian are pressured into giving up babies with disabilities. These babies are sent to baby houses where they are kept in lying down rooms. These babies are confined to their cribs. Although they get fed, they are not encouraged to walk or talk. The neglected babies do not receive one-to-one attention or sensory stimulation.

          The babies are kept unclothed from waist down and incontinent. Some babies are confined to dark or barren rooms if they are considered to be too active or difficult to handle.


            Unfortunately, Russian orphanages are not the place for a baby to get tender love and care. The state ensures that these unwanted babies are neglected and kept in the most horrifying conditions.


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Russian Orphanages And Neglect Babies
Russian Orphanages And Neglect Babies




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Russian Orphanages And Neglect Babies )
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