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      Searching for an appropriate name for the new born baby boy is a pleasurable exercise that every parent and grandparent enjoys dwelling over. However, one need not refer to thousands of names in the database for this purpose. There are various websites that contain list of most preferred or popular names.


        Names like Michael, Daniel, David, Steve are extremely popular among parents. The reason for such popularity is that these names create an extremely positive impression. People with these names are considered to have a number of positive attributes. All these names can be connected with characteristics such as being strong, friendly, trustworthy, intelligent, handsome, fun-loving and brave. Names such as Tom, Dick and Harry are connected with characteristics that suggest positive and negative images. Parents can also opt for baby boy names such as Jacob and Celeb from the Bible


        However, the baby boy will find a number of other children having a similar name once he starts going to school. This can be avoided if parents look for a trendy name. During the last few years, parents’ choice has become wider. Names that were considered unusual are now becoming highly preferred. These are four categories of such names.

Names that have “ADEN” in them such as Aiden, Jaden, Caden, Braden and Hayden.
2) Names that were originally last names but are now being preferred as first names such as Jackson, Taylor, Carter, Hunter, Connor, Spencer, Parker, Baker, Cooper and Dalton.
3) Names that give a rugged feeling such as Austin, Cody, Cole, Cade, Shane, Dakota, Gage, Trevor, Travis and Mason.
4) Names that give a suave and sophisticated impression such as Devin, Ashton, Gavin, Tanner, Colin, Graham, Grayson and Byron.

List Of Cute Modern Baby Boy & Girl Names :

A - F Cute Modern Baby Boy

G - K Cute Modern Baby Boy

L - P Cute Modern Baby Boy

Q - U Cute Modern Baby Boy

V - Z Cute Modern Baby Boy

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 A - F Cute Modern Baby Girl

G - K Cute Modern Baby Girl

 L - P Cute Modern Baby Girl

 Q - U Cute Modern Baby Girl

V - Z Cute Modern Baby Girl

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