Rare Baby Names

     Arrival of a newborn baby is a special occasion in every parent’s life. Apart from the celebrations, a baby’s birth also adds up additional responsibilities that a parent is required to fulfill. These responsibilities begin with choosing a right and unique name for the child, something that the baby carries for the entire life.


       It is becoming increasingly popular among parents to look for names that are rare, a little more different and unusual. Rare baby names are those that are not usually found in normal baby name books or magazines. One needs to put a concentrated effort and time while searching for a rare baby name. The advantage of having a rare name is that it provides the child with a unique identity, an exceptional importance and helps the child to stand out in the crowd.


       However, while choosing a rare baby name, parents often tend to ignore certain vital issues. These include the origin of the name, its meaning and most importantly, the way in which the name is pronounced. Children find it hard to handle the mockery and humiliation caused due to a rare name that sounds obnoxious.


       The most appropriate place to look for rare baby names is the Internet. There are numerous online websites containing list of thousands of different baby names depending upon the nationality, ethnic origin, mythology, and religious scriptures. Another important source is to look into the Bible or at some great works of literature. One important source for finding rare and unusual names is to refer to the literary works of famous novelists such as Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. These people have often used characters with names that are not found very commonly.



Name Type Gender Meaning
1. Ainhoa Rare Name Female Reference to Virgin Mary
2. Aintzane Rare Name Both Glorious
3. Alazne Rare Name Both Miracle
4. Amaia Rare Name Both End
5. Aurkene Rare Name Both Presentation
6. Bakarne Rare Name Both Solitude
7. Bixenta RareName Both Victorious
8. Catalin Rare Name Female Pure
9. Enrique Rare Name Male Form of HENRY. ruler of the home
10. Gizane Rare Name Both Christ's incarnation
11. Gotzone Rare Name Both angel, messenger
12. Iratze Rare Name Female in reference to the virgin Mary
13. Jaione Rare Name Both nativity
14. Jakinda Rare Name Both hyacinth
15. Kepa Rare Name Both stone
16. Lore Rare Name Both flower
17. Ramiro Rare Name Male great judge

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