Q - U Cute Modern Baby Girl :

Q :

Name Origin Gender Meaning
1. Qamar Arabic Female moon
2. Qoqa Chechen Female dove
3. Queena English Female queen
4. Queenie Not available or unknown Female Queen or Female Companion
5. Quenby Scandinavian Female womanly
6. Querida Spanish Female Beloved



R :


Name Origin Gender Meaning
1. Rachael Hebrew Female Form of RACHEL. an ewe
2. Rachel Hebrew Female an ewe
3. Radcliffe English Female from the red cliff
4. Radella English Female elfin advisor
5. Radinka Slavic Female active
6. Rae English Female doe



S :


Name Origin Gender Meaning
1. Saadiya Arabic Female good fortune
2. Saba Greek Female woman of Sheba
3. Sabah Arabic Female morning
4. Sabina Latin Female Form of SABINE. Of Ancient Italian Culture
5. Sabine Latin Female Of Ancient Italian Culture
6. Sabrina Latin Female from the border



T :


Name Origin Gender Meaning
1. Tabitha Aramaic Female gazelle
2. Tacita Latin Female to be silent
3. Tahirah Arabic Female chaste, pure
4. Tahiya Arabic Female greeting
5. Taima American Indian Female crash of thunder
6. Tala American Indian Female Wolf



U :


Name Origin Gender Meaning
1. Ula Celtic Female sea jewel
2. Ulla German Female To Fill Up
3. Ultima Latin Female aloof
4. Uma Hebrew Female nation
5. Ummi African Female My Mother
6. Una Latin Female one


















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