Microcalcifations Breast Milk  

      If you are 30 years or older, you should go for a yearly mammogram. When the doctor checks your mammogram films, he will be looking for several types of changes. However, what a doctor will be looking for is something known as calcifications.

       Calcifications are tiny mineral deposits within the tissue of the breast. They look like small white spots on the film. Calcifications are primarily of two types: Macrocalcifications and Microcalcifications.

        Macrocalcifications are large calcium deposits found in the breast. These occur due to aging breast arteries, old injuries or inflammation. These are usually non-cancerous in nature and do not require a biopsy. Macrocalcifications usually occur in women who are over 50 but it is quite possible to find them even in women under 50.

       Microcalcifications are nothing but tiny specks of calcium in the breast. They can either occur alone or in clusters. Microcalcifications cause a doctor more worry but presence of microcalcifications does not mean a woman has cancer. If the shape and layout is suspicious, a biopsy might be needed.

       Microcalcifications occur due to normal wear and tear of the breast. They can also occur due to plugging of milk ducts with milk from before. When the milk ducts are plugged with microcalcifications, doctors use a procedure called ductal lavage. First gentle suction is applied to the nipple to see which milk duct produces the droplet of fluid. Next, a hair thin microcatheter is inserted in the milk duct opening and a little sterile saline is infused into the duct to rinse it out. The fluid is then collected and is sent to the laboratory for analysis. This procedure is reported to be nearly painless.

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Microcalcifations Breast Milk




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