Does breast milk for sale work ?

      Several women have the capability of producing breast milk in excess quantities than required by their baby. This excess is pumped and refrigerated using sterile bags. After a day or two, these bags are discarded. A good alternative for this is to sell this excess breast milk to those who require it. The recent trend of selling human breast milk is constantly on a rise. However, the question that arises is whether such the sale is ethical and legal?

        There are two dimensions to the sale of breast milk. One is for altruistic purpose and the other is commercial purpose.


         Many states in the United States including California, Nebraska, Texas and North Carolina have certified human breast milk banks. These lactation banks are located in hospitals and are under the supervision of FDA. Milk supplied to these banks is tested for HIV and other infectious agents. Healthy milk collected from donors is then safely processed, decontaminated, hermetically packaged and sold at a very economical price. Customers of such milk include mothers who are having trouble in lactation and mothers who use prescription medications that cause breast milk contamination.


        Commercial approach is to sell breast milk in exchange of money. Customers include women who are unable to afford the cost of milk sold at certified human milk collection banks, divorced fathers who want to feed their babies and men who enjoy drinking human milk. There are several online sites offering human breast milk for sale.


        According to experts and pediatricians, taking milk from private organizations and individuals is not guaranteed even though the price is affordable. Many a times, the milk sold is not clean, hygiene and not safe for infant consumption. The biggest danger occurs when human milk from private parties contains drugs or substances not suitable for infants.

Does breast milk for sale work ?

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