Breast milk is produced in the mammary glands of women. According to research, breast milk is an infant’s most valuable source of nutrients, minerals and disease fighting cells and antibodies, a requirement that does not have any replacement in this world. But, what are the actual contents of breast milk and how does it differ from the constituents of whole milk? More...

Breastfeeding And Bottlefeeding Transtition

Breastfeeding And Bottlefeeding And Transtition       Many mothers decide to switch from breastfeeding to bottlefeeding when they are set to return to work. However, there are other mothers do want to bottlefeed because of various circumstances and reasons. So, if you are one of the mothers who wants to consider bottlefeeding, there are number of ways you can make the transition from breastfeeding to bottlefeeding. More...


Breast Milk Excretion Before Birth

Breast Milk Excretion Before Birth

 Breast milk is produced from an exclusive type of glands located in a woman’s body called as mammary glands. These mammary glands are a rich network of capillaries connecting connective and fatty tissues located inside the breast. Milk is produced in small clusters of fat cells or sac-like glands called alveoli. More....


How Much To Breast Milk To Give A 1 Month Infant

How Much To Breast Milk To Give A 1 Month Infant

     There is a mathematical formula that is used to determine how much expressed breast milk should be fed to the baby each time. This calculation only gives you a rough estimation of what your baby needs and you should not use it as a hard and fast rule. Your doctor will give you this formula when you are ready to go home from the hospital along with your newborn.More...


Does breast milk for sale work ?

Does breast milk for sale work ?       Several women have the capability of producing breast milk in excess quantities than required by their baby. This excess is pumped and refrigerated using sterile bags. After a day or two, these bags are discarded. A good alternative for this is to sell this excess breast milk to those who require it. The recent trend of selling human breast milk is constantly on a rise. However, the question that arises is whether such the sale is ethical and legal? More...


When To Pump Breast Milk To Get Rid Of Toxins

      There are multiple issues related to breastfeeding which women are usually apprehensive about such as finding blood in milk, taking drugs while breastfeeding, infections caused due to breast milk, and nutritional value of breast feed and diet requirements of lactating women. More.... When To Pump Breast Milk To Get Rid Of Toxins


Blood In Breast Milk

Blood In Breast Milk       One of the most frightening experiences during nursing is finding blood in the breast milk. However, mothers need not panic at the sight of blood as this is a very common phenomenon in women who are nursing their first baby. More...


Breastfeeding Older Children

      New born babies and infants exclusively depend on mother’s milk as their only source of nutrients and nourishment. Breast milk has been known to contain a vast reserve of minerals, vitamins, disease fighting proteins and other growth factors that are vital for the normal growth and development of a new born. More.... Breastfeeding Older Children


Irregular Menstrual Cycle And Breastfeeding


      I am breasting my six month old baby, and I have irregular menstrual cycle. My cycle is longer than usual. My last few cycles have been around forty days.     ( My average regular cycle is about twenty eight days. ) Should I be worried about it? Is my irregular menstrual cycle caused from breastfeeding? More...

Irregular Menstrual Cycle And Breastfeeding

Breast Milk Is The Storage Of Nutrition

Breast Milk Is The Storage Of Nutrition      When it comes to a newborn, parents want to give the baby the very best. This is also true for nutrition. It has been proven scientifically that the best nutrition for a newborn baby is breast milk. Breast milk is perfect for infants as it protects them from illnesses.More...

Freezing Breast Milk And Antibodies

Freezing Breast Milk And AntibodiesAfter you express breast milk, you can transfer it directly the feeding bottle to feed the baby right away. You should use expressed breast milk within 10 hours of expression. It is possible to refrigerate breast milk or freeze it. If you refrigerate breast milk, make sure you use it within the week.More...

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Comparison Of Breast Pumps

Comparison Of Breast Pumps

     There are many different types of breast pumps and it can be quite bewildering for a new mother to choose one. It is important that a new mother chooses the correct breast pump and the best way to figure out which best pump is suited for your needs is to do a comparison of breast pumps.More...




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