Irregular Menstrual Cycle And Breastfeeding


      I am breasting my six month old baby, and I have irregular menstrual cycle. My cycle is longer than usual. My last few cycles have been around forty days.     ( My average regular cycle is about twenty eight days. ) Should I be worried about it? Is my irregular menstrual cycle caused from breastfeeding?


      Irregular menstrual cycle is not uncommon for nursing mother. In fact, many mothers who breastfeed may temporarily stop menstruation. You should not be worried about it too much. Regular menstrual periods should resume after you stop exclusively breastfeeding.

      However, once your menstrual cycle has resumed, the studies show that you are likely to be more fertile. The return of your period is the sign that ovulation has occurred.  If you are not planning to have another baby right way, you need to use some forms of birth control. The best birth control method during breastfeeding is probably condoms or diaphragm. Although you may be able to use some birth control pill like progestin, some studies show that it may alter breast milk composition.

Irregular Menstrual Cycle And Breastfeeding

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