Lactation Without Pregnancy  

      Lactation without pregnancy usually occurs in women who are of childbearing age. It is seen the most women who are affected by this symptom are between the ages of 16 and 40. Lactation without pregnancy is usually caused by high levels of hormones responsible for production of milk.

       High hormone levels in a woman can be caused by natural changes in the body that occur in every woman during specific periods in her life. Hormone levels can also increase if you are taking certain medication and once you stop the medication, the lactation will cease. Other reasons for lactation without pregnancy include unnoticed miscarriage, which is dismissed as painful menstruation, and glandular problems that cause hormone imbalance.

       Usually lactation without pregnancy is harmless but it could be an indication of a greater problem in the body. If you are lactation because of hormonal imbalance, it is important that you get imbalance corrected or it could lead to serious issues.

       If you are lactating without pregnancy, you should immediately visit your doctor to ensure that there is nothing wrong with your health. A doctor is the best person to figure out why you are lactating and he or she will take the necessary steps to remedy the situation. If lactation without pregnancy is caused by natural adjustments of hormones in the body, it is best to wait for the hormones to adjust to their normal levels.

       It has been seen that most cases of lactation without pregnancy resolve on their own with time. However, occasionally medical intervention is required if there is an underlying health condition.

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Lactation Without Pregnancy
Lactation Without Pregnancy




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