C Section Recovery  

      C-section or a cesarean is a major surgery and therefore, the C Section Recovery needs time and rest. Your doctor will advice you not to lift heavy things or push for the initial 4 to 6 weeks. This means no vacuum cleaning the house, no rearranging furniture or lifting laundry baskets.

       In order to ensure that the full C Section Recovery takes place you should take it easy for at least 4 weeks. It might be an excellent to hire a housekeeper to help you with the house work for the first few weeks.

       Usually after a c-section you and the newborn baby would end up staying in the hospital for approximately 3 days. Immediately after the anesthesia wears off, you will be in pain but the doctors will give you pain medication. However, you will also be made to walk because walking helps to speed your C Section Recovery and helps to prevent constipation and blood clots.

        While you are in the hospital, your c-section incision will be observed for signs of infection. The hospital will also monitor your appetite, bowel function, bladder function and fluid intake. Usually the c-section incision will take anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks to heal and while it is healing it is quite common to feel discomfort and fatigue.

       To ensure proper C Section Recovery you should take enough rest at least until 6 weeks are up, use a good posture when you stand and walk, always hold your abdomen near the incision when you cough, sneeze or laugh and avoid start intercourse until your doctor gives you permission to resume your sex life.

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C Section Recovery




Sex After A C Section

Sex After A C Section

      After you give birth to your baby, you body starts returning or changing back to what it was originally. This period is called the postpartum period and it lasts for approximately 6 weeks. In these 6 weeks, your uterus slowly shrinks in size to what it originally was.







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