C Section Scarring Problems  

      A cesarean or a C Section is a major surgery and once it performed there is no doubt that you will have scarring at a result of the operation. Usually a C Section scar heals without any problems but there can be C Section scarring problems if proper care and precautions are not taken.

       It is quite normal to have numbness around the C Section incision and this feeling of numbness will usually spread around the incision. Some times, mothers do not regain the sensation in the area of the C Section while some just regain slight sensation. It may take up to 6 months for the sensation to return to the C Section scar and the surrounding area.

      While your C Section scar is healing it is quite possible to develop an abnormal scar. This is especially possible if you have a history of keloids which is nothing but scars developing thicker than what normally happens.

      After a C Section, a bandage will be immediately applied to the incision to protect it from germs and to prevent any infection. If you have sensitive skin make sure you inform the doctor so that the bandage does not irritate your skin and cause further problems resulting in C Section scarring problems.

       You will also experience severe itching in the first few weeks after a C Section. Refrain from scratching and itching because this can result in the incision opening and development of infection. In case you notice inflammation in the incision, you should immediately visit your doctor.

      Once the staples or stitches holding your incision together are removed, you will notice some redness and tenderness. With time the redness will fade and you can be sure that you will not have any scarring from the actual staples or stitches. Some incisions gradually turn pink; some blend with the color of your flesh while others stay dark red.

      If the C Section does not heal properly and infection sets in, there is no doubt you will face C Section scarring problems. That is why you should immediately visit a doctor if you notice usual redness, tenderness or if you have fever.


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C Section Scarring Problems




Fetal Monitoring Prior To C Section

Fetal Monitoring Prior C Section

      A cesarean is also known as c-section where the birth is done by making a surgical incision first in the abdomen and then in the uterus or womb to allow the baby to be born safely. A c-section is usually done when vaginal birth is considered too risky for the mother and / or for the baby.




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