Fetal Monitoring Prior C Section  

     A cesarean is also known as c-section where the birth is done by making a surgical incision first in the abdomen and then in the uterus or womb to allow the baby to be born safely. A c-section is usually done when vaginal birth is considered too risky for the mother and / or for the baby.

       In most hospitals or medical institutions, fetal monitoring is a fundamental part of labor and delivery. Fetal monitoring to done to determine if find out whether the fetus is under any distress. If any changes in the fetus’ condition are noticed then a c-section is usually performed.

       Many times when women are opting for vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) after a prior c-section, fetal monitoring becomes all the more important. Under these circumstances, it becomes imperative to monitor the fetus so that if any complications take place, a c-section can be performed.

       Usually fetal monitoring is done depending on how complicated your pregnancy and labor are. It also depends on who you doctor is and where you are giving birth. Fetal monitoring is done both by midwives and doctors for home births, at birth centers and hospitals. The baby’s heart rate is constantly monitored for any sign of stress during labor and birth.

      Fetal monitoring is also done in cases because of added risks to the fetus if the mother has had an epidural, pitocin or meconium staining. Usually in low risk women (that is women who have not had a prior c-section or women who have had a trouble-free pregnancy), fetal monitoring is low.

Fetal Monitoring Prior C Section


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Fetal Monitoring Prior C Section
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Complications Of C Section Incision

Complications Of C Section Incision

    A cesarean birth is the birth of a baby through a surgery. In a cesarean birth, the doctor makes a cut or incision in the belly and then the uterus where the baby is, and then removes the baby. This surgery is called cesarean section or c-section.




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