Heavy Periods After C Section  

       Vaginal bleeding is common and usual after a c-section. Once the baby is born, even if it is a c-section, the afterbirth waste has to come out from somewhere and vaginal bleeding is the natural way for your body to eliminated unwanted fluids.

       After a c-section, you will be bleeding from the vagina for nearly 2 to 4 weeks. During the initial few days, the bleeding is like heavy periods and it is quite common to pass out small blood clots. However, gradually the bleeding will decrease and will change from dark red to pink to dark brown until it finally clears up to a yellowish discharge. During this time all doctors will advice you not to use tampons as it may cause an infection.

       After a c-section, your body starts flushing out lochia which is blood and discarded tissue from the lining of the uterus. This creates an illusion of heavy periods after c-section. During this time you will end up using a large maxi pad to help with the bleeding.

       Many women experience heavier bleeding after leaving the hospital. In fact, it is quite a common occurrence and it is indicative of the woman pushing herself too hard. If you too have the same experience, it is time to slow down a bit and get sufficient rest. Immediately you will notice the bleeding easing up. However, if you notice that you are soaking through a large maxi pad in an hour, it is time to immediately call your doctor.

       During the heavy periods after c-section, your uterus begins to shrink to its original size and you might end up with the familiar twang of menstrual cramps. Most women are usually on pain medication so they never notice the cramps. However, if you do feel the cramps, you can easily take Ibuprofen or Tylenol to ease the pain.

Heavy Periods After C Section


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Heavy Periods After C Section
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Fetal Monitoring Prior To C Section

Fetal Monitoring Prior C Section

      A cesarean is also known as c-section where the birth is done by making a surgical incision first in the abdomen and then in the uterus or womb to allow the baby to be born safely. A c-section is usually done when vaginal birth is considered too risky for the mother and / or for the baby.




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Heavy Periods After C Section )
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