Sex After A C Section  

      After you give birth to your baby, you body starts returning or changing back to what it was originally. This period is called the postpartum period and it lasts for approximately 6 weeks. In these 6 weeks, your uterus slowly shrinks in size to what it originally was.

       The number of weeks you have to wait to have sex after a C Section depends on your situation and your body. Usually the doctors will ask you wait for 4 to 6 weeks before you can resume having sex after a C Section. It approximately takes 4 weeks for your incision to heal on the surface. However, it takes nearly 6 weeks for your uterus to return to its normal size. Many obstetricians advice mothers to wait for 6 weeks to have sex after a C Section. This waiting is to ensure that your uterus heals completely.

       When you start having sex after a C Section or vaginal birth, you will feel uncomfortable at first. Do not get alarmed as it is quite normal. You should consult your doctor for different methods of birth control which will depend on how you are recovering after your C Section and whether you are breastfeeding.

       Remember abstaining from sex after a C Section is for your own good. No sexual activity should take place until the uterus goes back to its original size. This will reduce the discomfort while having sex and the chances of infections also decrease dramatically. If 6 weeks seem too long for you, good news is here. Usually women heal within 4 weeks and this means they resume normal activities including sex after 4 weeks. Most doctors will advice you when you can resume sex after a C Section so there is no need to fret and be upset.

Sex After A C Section


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Uterus Infection And C Section

Uterus Infection And C Section


       According to studies conducted by UC San Diego’s Department of Reproductive Medicine, it has been reported that women who have undergone c-sections are 10 times at risk of getting uterus infections. And usually the uterus infection after a c-section manifests itself within 48 hours.




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