Benefits Of A Cesarean Section

           A cesarean section is also called a c-section. Most babies are delivered naturally through vagina canal. In fact, doctors do not prefer to give C-section to women, because natural birth giving method is generally the best way to conceive. Natural birth conceiving through abdomen requires less healing time for the mother.


             However, c-section has its benefits when there are complications in your labor or delivery process. In some cases, baby is stubborn to make his way down the birth canal, even though its mother pushes as hard as she can. When the cervix stops dilating, doctors may consider c-section as an option of delivery. In some cases, the delivery process just takes too long. The statistics show that one third of all c-sections are performed because of slow labor. Doctors also watch the hearth beating rhythm of the baby. If it becomes irregular, the doctors will perform a c-section to protect the baby’s heart.


            Even if you need a c-section for your delivery, don’t worry. The risk of c-section is usually minimal. Doctor will only give u a c-section only when you really need it. If you are allergic to anesthesia, you should let your doctor know. C-section is an operation, and anesthesia will be used.


            Although c-section may seem dangerous, it can save the life of you and your baby from delivery complication. If you end up with c-section, try to relax. Almost twenty two percent of all births are delivered by c-section.


Benefits Of A Cesarean Section

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Fetal Monitoring Prior To C Section

Fetal Monitoring Prior C Section

      A cesarean is also known as c-section where the birth is done by making a surgical incision first in the abdomen and then in the uterus or womb to allow the baby to be born safely. A c-section is usually done when vaginal birth is considered too risky for the mother and / or for the baby.





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