Foster care is a system in which certified adults act as ‘stand-in’ parents and offer love and affection to children or adolescents and teenagers who have been separated from their parents. Foster care is implemented through voluntary and compulsory foster care placements. Voluntary placements are required for children who need to be separated from their biological parents or guardians for a short duration of period. More..

Foster Care Reimbursement Rate

Foster Care Reimbursement Rate
     Protecting the rights of children who have been abandoned is an important responsibility of the government. The concept of developing foster care centers and placement agencies has been introduced to provide shelter and care to such children who are separated from their families. More...


Prevention Programs For Foster Care Youth

        The most phenomenal problems encountered by children living in the foster care system are psychological disturbance, emotional burden, developmental crisis, poor behavioral outcomes and mental trauma caused due to separation from their parents, friends, surroundings, and even schools. More.. Prevention Programs For Foster Care Youth


Therapeutic Foster Care Curriculum

Therapeutic Foster Care Curriculum
     Therapeutic foster care centers can be described as a specialized respite care centers aimed at providing family-base therapeutic placement for children who have a history of chronic antisocial behavior, delinquency or those suffering with severe emotional disturbances. More...

Foster Care and Educational Implications

       Children often undergo an emotional disturbance when they are separated from the surroundings that they are well acquainted with -- including parents, neighbors, friends and even schools. Schools have an important role to play in the psychological and behavioral development of children. Any disturbance in schooling due to foster care can have serious implications on the future of the child. More.. Foster Care and Educational Implications








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