Evidence Study On MMR Vacine And Autism Children

          MMR vaccine is a vaccine that is designed to protect infection from measles, mumps, and rubella viruses. These viruses can cause serious birth defects and miscarriage to pregnant women.

           Infections with these viruses in young children and infants may cause severe sickness or possibly death. Therefore, two doses of MMR vaccine is recommended. The first dose is administered at birth, and the second doses are administered at the age of four.

            If your children have allergic reaction to antibiotic neomycin, gelatin, or previous dose of MMR vaccine, they should not receive this vaccine. Mild symptoms of MMR side effects in children are mild rash, swelling, fever. Severe allergic reactions to MMR vaccine are rare. But if your children experience long term seizures, coma, or lower consciousness, you should contact your healthcare provider immediately.

            MMR vaccine was the subject of public interest and controversy. Some people believe that MMR vaccine can cause autism in children, but there are currently no scientific evidence that support the hypothesis. Researchers recommend that the vaccines should be given in separate doses to reduce the risks of adverse effects. It should be noted that the CDC still continues to recommend two doses of MMR vaccine for all children.


Evidence Study On MMR Vacine And Autism Children







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