Immunization Schedule For Toddlers

Immunization Schedule For Toddlers

Immunization Schedule

Birth: Hep B1


12–15 months: Hib, MMR6, PCV, Var7
1–4 months: Hep B*
2 months:     DTaP2, Hib3, IPV4, PCV5
12–23 months: Hep A#
15–18 months: DTaP
4 months: DTaP, Hib, IPV, PCV, Rv 4–6 years: DTaP, MMR, IPV, Var
>6 months:
Influenza† 11 years: MCV4‡
6 months: DTaP, Hib, PCV, Rv 11–12 years: HPV**,Tdap§
6–18 months: Hep B, IPV College entrants: MCV4||

Hepatitis B Vaccine: All newborn babies are recommended to take Hepatitis B vaccine at birth. Especially, if the mothers are Hepatitis B positive, the baby needs to get 0.5 mL of hepatitis B immuneglobulin (HBIG) within twelve hours after birth. If the mother is unsure about her Hepatitis B status, she should ask doctor to give her the test. However, even if the mother has negative Hepatitis B status, the baby still should receive the vaccine. The first dose of the vaccine should be given no longer than one week after birth. The second dosages should be given at the age of one to two months, and the final dose should be given after twenty four weeks of age.

DTaP Vaccine: The baby is recommended to take four dose of Diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccine. The baby should take the vaccine at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, and 15 months. The final dose can be administered, when the child are four years old. DTaP booster is recommended at the age between eleven and twelve years old. DTaP booster are recommended every ten years after that.

Hib Vaccine: Haemophilus influenzae type b  (Hib) vaccine should be administered to a baby at the  ages of 2,4, and 6 months. The baby should get final dose when they are older than twelve months.

MMR Vacccine: The first dosage of Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine should be administered to a baby at twelve months. The second dose  can be given at the age of 4-6 years old.

Varicella Vaccine: Varicella vaccine is designed to protect children from chicken pox, and it is recommend to be administered to children after twelve years old.

Meningococcal Vaccine (MCV4) : Children who are older than eleven years old are recommended to take MCV4 vaccine. Adults are also recommended to take MCV4 to reduce the risk of meningococcal disease.

Pheumococcal Vaccine: All children between two to twenty three months are recommended to take this vaccine to reduce the risk of Pheuococcus ( Prevenar ) disease.

Influenza Vaccine: Children who are older than six months old are recommended to take influenza vaccine to reduce the risk of influenza, especially if the children have high risk factor like asthma, sickle cell disease, cardiac disease, human immunodeficiency virus infection, or diabletes.

Hepatitis A Vaccine: Children and adult who live in high risk states and regions are recommended to take Hepatitis A Vaccine. Two doses of this vaccine will be given at least six months apart.


Immunization Schedule For Toddlers

Figure1.Immunization Schedule according to the Department of Health And Human Services







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