Ovulation After Miscarriage  

      You have to remember that not every ovulation results in pregnancy and not every pregnancy results in child birth. If a woman has a miscarriage, it takes a lot of effort to start again from the very beginning knowing that miscarriage is a possibility. The good news is that ovulation after miscarriage is possible provided the woman is not into infertile due to presence of human papilloma virus.

      If the miscarriage was spontaneous without any complications, it will have no effect on ovulation. However, ovulation can get delayed and this is usually because of the production of HCG by the pituitary gland. However, your body will return to normal cycle of ovulation after miscarriage.

       Ovulation after miscarriage occurs usually within 2 weeks. Remember, miscarriage wreaks havoc with your hormonal system. When you were pregnant, your body was gearing up for the pregnancy. However, the miscarriage happened and now your body no longer needs to gear up to carry the child. This can cause a sudden shift in your hormones and it can affect your regular ovulation and menstrual cycle.

       Some women prefer to get pregnant soon after a miscarriage. This may not be advisable as getting pregnant right after a miscarriage can be physically and emotionally draining, an experience you might not be prepared for. But fact of the matter remains, that ovulation does occur after a miscarriage and you can get pregnant again.

       Miscarriages are more common among women who are over 35 or women with more than one fetus. Certain health related problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, German measles, under-active thyroid gland or herpes simplex can increase the risk of miscarriage. But if you have had a miscarriage, you can return to your normal ovulation cycle. In some women, ovulation after miscarriage happens fast while others have to wait.

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Ovulation After Miscarriage


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