Pregnancy After Miscarriage  

Expectant parents are overjoyed and ecstatic when they find out about a pregnancy. However, their dreams and hopes are shattered if the pregnancy suddenly ends without a reason. In many cases, especially women, expectant parents are afraid to contemplate a pregnancy after miscarriage.

However, the normal ovulation cycle will return and the possibility of a pregnancy after miscarriage increases with time. If you are thinking about becoming pregnant after a miscarriage, there are certain tips that will help you deal with your fears and anxiety.

Pregnancy after Miscarriage
For many women considering a pregnancy after a miscarriage comes with a lot of uncertainty and fear where the woman keeps contemplating whether the subsequent pregnancy will also end in the same manner.

Many women want to get pregnant immediately after a miscarriage. This usually happens because the woman is trying deal with the loss. However, you should take time to grieve your loss and be emotionally and physically prepared before contemplating a pregnancy after miscarriage. If your body is not prepared to meet the demands of a new pregnancy, you face the risk of having another miscarriage.

Most doctors advice women to wait for a few months before becoming pregnant so that your body is physically capable of handling the pregnancy and you too will be better prepared emotionally for it.

If you have any fears about pregnancy after miscarriage, discuss them with your healthcare provider. Insist that your new pregnancy is carefully monitored right through. You will get advice from friends and family. Do not get stressed out. Just listen to them and ultimately do what you, your partner and your doctor think is the best for the baby. Above all, you will be completely stressed out with your pregnancy after miscarriage. Learn to relax. You can take relaxation classes or join a support group.

Most women who have had miscarriages go on to have a successful pregnancy after miscarriage. You too will have the same. Becoming pregnant after a miscarriage will not replace the lost pregnancy but it may help you refocus your attention.

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Pregnancy After Miscarriage




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      One in five pregnancies in the United States ends in a miscarriage. That is why when a woman gets pregnant after a miscarriage, she is filled with excitement as well as fear wondering whether she would be given a new chance she had hoped for after losing the earlier baby. Usually, if you are going through the same feeling of fear and guilt, there is nothing much that can be done to allay your fears but you can do a few things yourself to feel better in the days to come.





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