Ways to Induce a Miscarriage

      A miscarriage is medically called a spontaneous abortion. It happens when the womb pushes a fetus out before it can survive by itself. The statistics show that approximately one-third of all pregnancies will end up in miscarriage.


Causes of Miscarriage:

            Approximately about fifty percent of all miscarriages cause from generic abnormalities. The rest are caused from factors other factors like infection, exposure to dangerous environment, hormonal irregularities, severe malnutrition, diabetes, and fertility drugs, etc. Some women who have low level of hormone in the early weeks of pregnancy are recommended to take progesterone to help preventing miscarriage.

            One of the most common symptoms of a miscarriage is bleeding. The statistics show that fifty percent of all women who seek clinical treatment during pregnancy will have a miscarriage. Pain, cramping in the lower abdomen, lower buttocks, lower back, and genitals also indicate symptoms of miscarriage. Furthermore, some women no longer have signs of pregnancy when they have miscarriage.

            If you have a miscarriage, you can still normal pregnancies and births afterwards. Miscarriages repeatedly occur to one percent of all pregnant women. However, pregnant women who are too young or too old have higher risks of miscarriage. If you have a history of miscarriage, you should talk to healthcare professional to closely monitor your pregnancy.


Ways to Induce a Miscarriage


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Ways to Induce a Miscarriage





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Healthy Pregnancy And Miscarriage

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      One in five pregnancies in the United States ends in a miscarriage. That is why when a woman gets pregnant after a miscarriage, she is filled with excitement as well as fear wondering whether she would be given a new chance she had hoped for after losing the earlier baby. Usually, if you are going through the same feeling of fear and guilt, there is nothing much that can be done to allay your fears but you can do a few things yourself to feel better in the days to come.





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