Can An Ectopic Pregnancy Be Saved ?  

When a woman finds out that she is pregnant, it is a happy and emotional day for her. To bring forth a new life into the world is nothing short of a miracle. However, some women are diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy. Such women face a lot of emotional trauma, as terminating the pregnancy is the only way forward. So, it is but natural for such women to wonder whether an ectopic pregnancy can be saved.


Unfortunately, an ectopic pregnancy cannot be saved. If the fertilized egg attaches itself any place other than the uterus, it can be fatal for the woman. While medical science has made advancements, these are not sufficient to save an ectopic pregnancy. There is no technology as yet that can transfer the fertilized egg from any other part of the abdomen to the uterus.

In majority cases, the fertilized egg attaches itself to one of the fallopian tubes. As the tubes are small, the fetus does not have place to grow. Also, as the fetus grows, it may cause the fallopian tubes to rupture, causing internal bleeding. This can be fatal for the women. In fact, a ruptured ectopic pregnancy is one of the main causes of death among pregnant women. Thus, the only solution that the doctor has is terminating such a  pregnancy. Termination can be done via surgery or administration of medication. When the woman is in a life-threatening situation, the doctors will look for a way to protect the woman. The fetus comes second.

The reason for women to inquire whether it is possible to save an ectopic pregnancy comes from the newspaper reports that are published on and off. Usually, these types of pregnancies are known as abdominal pregnancies. In such pregnancies, the fertilized egg attaches itself to some other organ in the abdomen where there is adequate blood supply. One such organ is the liver. In such an ectopic pregnancy, there is a chance of the woman delivering a baby that could survive, but it is extremely rare. According to estimates, such an ectopic pregnancy being successful is one in a million pregnancies. Furthermore, an abdominal-type of ectopic pregnancy is said to be more lethal than a tubal-type of ectopic pregnancy. The chances of a woman dying from an abdominal ectopic pregnancy are 8 times more than a tubal ectopic pregnancy.

The fact remains that an ectopic pregnancy cannot be saved. Instead, the woman should try and regain her physical and mental health and concentrate on getting pregnant again.

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Can An Ectopic Pregnancy Be Saved




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Dangers Of An Ectopic Pregnancy      An ectopic pregnancy is extremely dangerous for the woman. When the fetus is growing in some other part of the abdomen instead of the uterus, it puts pressure on the organ. As a result the organ can rupture, as it cannot expand to accommodate the growing fetus. This results in internal bleeding. The loss of blood and the rupturing of the organ can be fatal for the woman. Other dangers of an ectopic pregnancy include inability to conceive in the future and damage to the neighboring organs. More..




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