Free Help Removing Viruses From My Computer  

Before looking for free help to remove viruses from your computer, it is best to ascertain which file is infected. However, many times it might so happen that the virus programs prevent you from entering into your computer. Should this happen, start your computer on Safe Mode and then use the free help for removing viruses from your computer.

There are many free antivirus programs available that allow you to scan and detect virus programs. The programs then go one step further and delete the infected file. One of the most popular free antivirus programs is AVG. This program can be downloaded from the internet and you can scan your computer immediately after download and get rid of all the viruses. Another free antivirus program that is quite popular is Avira. Both these programs can be updated regularly so that after you get rid of the viruses on your computer, they can protect your computer without any problem.

In addition, there are programs that perform online virus scans. These programs are also popular with people who ask the question: Where can I find free help removing viruses from my computer? But do remember that most online virus scanner require you to have Active X installed on your computer, and it is best to use Internet Explorer for online virus scans. Some popular free online virus scanners are Macfee, Panda, and Symantec.

An online virus scan can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the number of files you want scanned.

These two methods are the most popular methods of using free help to remove viruses from a computer.

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Free Help Removing Viruses From My Computer




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