Speeding Up Your Computer Tips  

Whether you bought a slow computer or a fast one, a thing to remember is that after using it for something, it is quite normal for a computer to slow down. The more you use it and the more you save on it, the slower it is going to get. However there are ways of speeding up your computer.

Below you will find speeding up your computer tips which are useful and quite easy to follow. Try out these tips before calling an expert to help you out.

Speeding Up Your Computer Tips:

  • The first thing to do is delete all unnecessary files from your computer and then defragment it. You can get the defragment program in the System Tools menu. It takes many hours to defragment a hard drive so have enough patience to see the whole thing true because the time spent would be worth your while.
  • Each time you finish browsing the Internet, delete the cookies and delete the Internet cache. Remember by deleting the Internet cache regularly, you will increase your Internet browsing speed.
  • As you use the computer, the Temporary Directory gets filled with temporary files. This tends to slow down the system quite a bit. Delete the temporary files and see how fast your computer gets.
  • Spyware is one of the main reasons for a computer to run slowly. Make sure you get rid of spyware on your computer by using a good anti-spyware program. You know your computer has spyware if it is running too slowly without any reason or taking you websites that you were not looking for. A good anti-spyware is SpyBot Search and Destroy.
  • Always use an antivirus program because even viruses affect the speed of a computer. There are two good free antivirus programs that are extremely popular and these are AVG and Avira.
  • If there are programs on your computer that you are not using, make sure you uninstall them. This means getting rid of them completely. The same is also true for files that you have no intentions of using.

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Speeding Up Your Computer Tips




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