Hard Drive Recovery After Overwrite  

Sometimes we can face hard drive problems and in order to solve it, we have to format it or overwrite. And once we do the overwriting, it is only then we suddenly realize that we forgot to take a backup of an important file on the hard drive. So, what is the solution then? Is it possible for a hard drive recovery after overwrite? Let us find out.

When you trying to do a hard drive recovery after overwrite, you are basically trying to salvage your data. And for those who want find out whether it is possible to do a hard drive recovery after overwrite will be pleased to here that usually files and information are never really erased from the hard drive. When you delete a file, over write a hard drive or format it, all information instead of getting completely removed is just not made available for your computer to read it. This gives the computer a false notion of having available space and you then use this space to overwrite with other files and programs.

On a technical level, it is just not possible to retrieve data after overwriting but you can recover your files until you overwrite using some special programs and software. There are many free software programs available that help you recover data from your hard drive. Programs like PC Inspector File Recovery or VirtualLab Data Recovery Software can be downloaded from the Internet and installed on your computer. Once you have installed the program, just open it and follow the directions in order to recover the lost data. If the files or programs you have been looking for have not been overwritten, the software will show them listed on your computer's File Allocation Tables, also known as FAT, and you will be able to recover them easily.

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Hard Drive Recovery After Overwrite




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