How To Recover Data From An External Harddrive ?  

The most important part of a computer for a user is its hard drive. This is where all the information that you save is stored. The information can range from word files to photographs to music. For some reason if your hard drive stops working, it can be disastrous because you lose access to all the saved information and data.

Today you can also get an external hard drive if the data you want to store is too much and needs a lot of space. But even with this external hard drive, there is always the risk of losing your data.

Listed below are the steps to teach you how to recover data from an external hard drive. Reading this and saving it will help you in future should your external hard drive develop any problems.

  1. The first thing to do is to attach the external hard drive to your computer and reboot the computer.
  2. Then log onto to the Internet and download a free software like PC Inspector and install it on the main drive of your computer. This software is specially developed for data recovery. Care should be taken that nothing is installed on your external hard drive.
  3. After installing your free data recovery software, run the program and follow the instructions. You should select an option that allows you to find your lost data. In case your drive is not accessible, then select the option that allows you find lost drive.
  4. Once you find the lost data, immediately save it onto your computer's hard drive.

These are the steps on how to recover data from an external hard drive. If your hard drive is beyond recovery, you might have call in an expert to assist you.

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How To Recover Data From An External Harddrive




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