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If you have a child or a teenager at home, you would be interested in knowing how to track history on your computer. This will allow you to see what your child is browsing and if there are any sites that can pose a threat or danger to your child, you can take appropriate action.

When anyone uses the Internet, the history of all the sites that the user has visited gets saved on the computer. Even if the person deletes the history from the browser, it is possible to figure out which sites were visited from going to a folder in Documents and Settings called Temporary Internet Files. Going to this folder, you will be able to track history on the computer as it will show the web addresses, the number of times a website was accessed, last date and time of access, images, file size and file types.

If the Internet history has not been deleted, you can check track history on the computer by just opening the browser, selecting the Tools option from the main menu bar of your browser, clicking on Internet Options and then selecting Browsing History. You can view the files.

As a parent, you should not just rely on ways and means to track history on computer because many present day children are extremely Internet savvy and have learned methods to delete all traces of what they have been browsing. It would be in your interest and the child's to educate him and explain the ills of going on sites that are unsafe.

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Track History On Computer




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