Does Anyone Control The Internet  

It seems that internet is erasing the national borders. Now what needs consideration is the fact that who controls and who will be actually controlling the internet in future. Will it be controlled and run by the internet engineers, the programmers, the powerful nations, or the United Nations? All networks require to be controlled by a central authority so that it functions properly keeping in mind all the set guidelines and abide by the predefined rules.

The global phone system for instance is governed by the oldest international organization of the world known as the International Telecommunication Union but the scenario is quite different in case of internet. It is co-ordinated and controlled by a private and non profit organization which is known as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers most commonly called as ICANN. This organization was set up in the year 1998 by the US in order to takeover all the activities performed throughout the 30 years.

There have been huge debates regarding who controls the internet. There are several governments which believe that like the phone system, internet should also be controlled by a multilateral treaty. They have a view that the ICANN is basically an instruments set up by the American hegemony used in the field of cyberspace. They further claim that its private sector approach is basically meant for favoring the US. But, if considered deeply, no one actually controls the internet. Each of the computers connected within a network are treated equally and are equally connected to each other.

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Does Anyone Control The Internet




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