Who Developed The Internet ?  

Internet that has made the lives of people so easy was actually a result of the thinking of several visionaries during the 1960s. All their efforts led to the development of internet which finally came out to rescue mankind in terms of the efforts that they need to put in each and every work. The global network of such computers was firstly proposed by J.C.R. Licklider in the year 1962.

This concept then moved into DARPA during late 1962 towards the development of such a network. Leonard Kleinrock from MIT and later on UCLA are known to develop the concept of packet switching which ultimately formed the basis of the internet connections.

As per the CNN transcript of some interview, it was claimed that Al Gore was the first person to invent internet. In spite of whatever has been said, Al Gore was not exactly the one inventing internet. It was invented in the later years of the 1950s and the 1970s in the US by certain group of scientists and researchers who were working at the newly formed ARPA. Realizing the fact that the US had been suffering from great technological backwardness, ARPA made great efforts towards creation of new technology that was never done ever before. Internet was thus a result of their hard dedication and efforts.

Though several people had worked for the ARPA project but five of them can be credited for the creation of internet. They include C. R. Licklider, Leonard Kleinrock, Lawrence Roberts, Robert Kahn, and Vinton Cerf.

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Who Developed The Internet ?




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