How To Create An Intranet ?  

Connection of two or more computers, be it at home or office, is known as networking. This is done in order to share some common information among all the connected computers. Such a feature helps in maintaining the right distribution and sharing of information among people which saves a lot of time and is also quite cost effective.

Most of the companies today use intranet which is quite similar to internet but is spread to limited area and only authorized people are allowed to access the information. There are several steps that are followed in the process of creation of an intranet out of which some of the most important points are mentioned below:

  • The first thing that the organization needs to decide is about the things that they would like to keep over intranet. If intranet is meant for home then may be people will put their favorite sites, family pictures, writing pieces, or any such thing but then if it is meant for some company then the content would be entirely different.
  • In case of creating an intranet for organizations, it is important that links to some processes or instructions are also being put over.
  • It is quite easier to install internet information system which is most commonly known as IIS. Once this software is installed, the company will get access to their sort of information which they intend sharing.

There are several steps that are included under the installation of the IIS but then all these are performed by some professional who actually installs the system.

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How To Create An Intranet ?




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