Intranet And Internet Difference  

The age that we live today in is known as the information age and is rightly said so because everything revolves around exchange of information. At such an age where information is the key to all activities, internet and other similar technologies have turned out to be a great help and in fact a boon for a larger section of the society.

Transfer of information or data is the utmost important and essential thing to do at this stage where nothing can be managed without it. Now there are several techniques being used for accomplishing such tasks and these involve tools such as intranet and internet.

Now the question arises that are these two things different in any case? And, if they really are, then what exactly are the points of difference between them? Well, to get an answer to all such questions that might come to the minds of people, they must try and understand the following given points:

  • Intranet and internet both are a kind of connection between systems but the magnitude they share is quite different. Intranet is a connection within a very shorter radius for instance a school, office, or organization while internet covers the whole world.
  • Intranet is restricted just to the staff of the company if it is being used in some company, whereas internet can be accessed by anyone. So, there is a matter of authorization and rights available.
  • Intranet is quite dependent on internet whereas internet is completely independent.

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Intranet And Internet Difference




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