Purpose Of An Intranet  

Intranet is extremely popular kind of a network that is used by several organizations all over the world. This is basically done to keep the business as well as the employees much more productive by reducing the paperwork which might be required otherwise. In the modern times, almost every organization uses intranet due to the fact that it offers several benefits to the employees as well as the company as a whole.

Intranet is one restricted network that allows only authorized people such as employees of a company towards accessing the web pages present within. There is a single gateway server that is known to filter all the requests coming up from the connected computers in order to access the webpages that are housed inside as well as outside the intranet.

Intranet makes use of similar networking protocols that are used by internet as well. The primary goal of intranet includes allowing the employees involved in any kind of business or organization to access materials instantly that would otherwise need to be printed and would consume more time. It also helps the employees communicate to the upper management staff of the company which facilitates the free exchange of comments as well as ideas. Most of these intranets are seen restricting some of the external websites such as MySpace or any other similar websites and this is all done to prevent the employees from surfing the internet or play online games. As a whole, intranet proves to be highly beneficial for the growth of the employee in general and of the company in particular.

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Purpose Of An Intranet




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