What Is The Intranet ?  

Intranet is a term that is a term that denotes the collection of several private computers that are connected together within some organization. Intranet makes use of several network technologies as tools towards facilitating communication among people, workgroups, or other authorized people for improving the capability to share data and the knowledge base of the employees working in these organizations.

Intranets use standard network software and hardware technologies such as the TCP/IP, Ethernet, WiFi, Web servers, and Web browsers. The intranets that are used within the organizations usually involves the internet access, but it is firewalled in order to prevent the computers from reaching directly from outside. Certain common extensions to these intranets which are known as extranets are used for opening the firewall and providing access to the outsiders.

Intranet is basically a secured business, internal environment that makes use of the HTML as well as TCIP protocols such as internet but are known to operate on the local area network. Intranet incorporates interactive and a working environment in order to serve business models with much more familiarity and internet like navigation as well as functionality. Intranet can be treated as quite basic or comprehensive where all such things depend on the needs that decide the status.

The information that is available over these intranets varies as per the department that it is used for. For instance the human resource intranet includes training materials, employee handbooks, and similar stuff while the material for sales department, accounting department, information systems, and executive branch would be entirely different pertaining to their specific needs.

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What Is The Intranet ?




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