Disadvantages Of World Wide Web  

Internet is most probably the most innovative and beneficial creation of humans so far. This has brought outstanding results and has now become a very vital part of everyday life of people as most of the tasks cannot be completed without the help of internet. Every technology that comes up has some advantages while some disadvantages as well.

Same is the case with internet, though it has helped mankind a lot there are several drawbacks that sometimes make people suffer out of this innovation of humans. Given below are some of the probable disadvantages of World Wide Web which is most commonly known as internet:

  • One of the most potential drawbacks includes the thefts related to the personal data and information. People using internet are in great dangers as they are scared of losing their personal information like their names, contact numbers, address, credit card numbers, etc to outsiders or strangers who can misuse such information.
  • Spamming is another such drawback associated with internet which indicates the sending of undesirable bulk emails that are not intended to support any sort of purpose but obstruct the whole system without any cause.
  • Virus threat is one of the most commonly reported disadvantages that almost every person suffers from. Viruses are the programs that are intended to affect the normal functioning of the computers and these systems can then end up crashing the entire hard disk or causing some other potential damages.
  • Pornography ranks highest in the list of all such disadvantages of internet as several children are being trapped under this obscene web of pornography. There are several such sites that provide uncensored content and should be banned.

But then reaching out to a conclusion that internet is always bad is not at fair because it is upon a person how they take it and how they make use of internet. If used safely, it proves to be a great help.

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Disadvantages Of World Wide Web




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