How To Improve World Wide Web ?  

The World Wide Web, or WWW, is a huge database of information that is available for free to anyone owning a computer having Internet connection. This unique and priceless invention is credited to Sir Tim Berners-Lee; who officially introduced it to the world in the year, 1990. Almost every man, who have even a basic knowledge about computers have used the Web at least once.

Currently, there are about 1.7 billion active users of the Web worldwide! Most of us do not even realize how dependent we are on the Web for even the smallest of the task. In fact, most businesses these days are totally depended on this system. But then also, Berners-Lee has no plans to make this application chargeable in the future.

However, like all the other things in the world, the Web is also not perfect. Most experts will agree that there is room for improvement in terms to broadening its capacity to bettering the functionality of its server. But it is easier said than done, keeping in mind the amount of data and information it stores and handles every day. Each hour, thousands of new web pages are being added. Thus, if each one of the user donates even $1 to the system, it can make a huge difference to WWW. Even if each of us manage to volunteer at least once in our whole lifetime, or share just one idea with them, that can make a whole lot of difference than we can even imagine.

Malware and virus threats are common to every users of the Web. These words are in fact invented after the widespread use of WWW began. Most of the web pages nowadays offer protection to their users from these unwanted threats, yet many get attacked and lose their essential data and information. Something can be done towards improving the security of the Web.

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How To Improve World Wide Web ?




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