What Is The Difference Between The Internet And The World Wide Web ?  

With the widespread use of both the Internet and the World Wide Web (better known as the Web or WWW), many of us now use these words interchangeably, like they are one and the same thing. However, that is not so. It is true that both are somewhat dependent on each other, but the functions of the two things are different.

The Internet is actually the connection or the link that puts all the computers in the world inside a huge network. Any information or data or any kind of resources that can be viewed on a computer can be accessed using the Internet connection. With the help of this connection, two or more computers can be interlinked and all the information can be shared or exchanged between them. The transfer of all types of information happens with the help of various kinds of languages called protocols.

Now, the Web can be called as an application which runs with the help of the Internet. It is actually the database, or the storehouse of all the information that are transferred through the Internet. This happens when the URL of a particular web page (the page containing the required information on the Web) is entered into a web browser, which acts as the mediator between the user and the web database.

The server-name part of the URL is converted to an IP address, using the Internet database called the Domain Name System or DNS. This address then contacts the Web server by sending Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP. Then the server sends over the HTML form of the requested page, in addition to any other necessary image or other documents that might complement the page.

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What Is The Difference Between The Internet And The World Wide Web ?




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